Raghavendra K Thane

  1. Director
  1. Thanco’s Natural Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Raghavendra K Thane is basically an Engineer & a Management Post Graduate from Wales University started his journey in the year 2006. And still the journey continuous with excitements and challenges.

Thanco’s Natural Ice Cream with a franchise outlet in the year 2009 & now standing tall with 90+ franchise outlets till date across India.

The market acceptance of the products gave a stable position in the market without much marketing and advertisement.

And sure, if with same continuous support, no doubt thanco’s will be the No. 1 Natural Ice cream in Bangalore and all over India.

Thanco’s is one of the major players in Natural Ice Cream segment and by adding outlets day on day, it’s becoming one of the most admired ice cream brands of India, which is also a big threat to major International and National ice cream brands.

The variants are so wide, and Nature inspired, that its literally impossible for the mass player to compete in the competitive world. Thanco’s serve 90+ types of naturals ice cream flavours and also developed special segment of sugar free ice creams for the customers. The special menu at the outlet level has also made the customer say wow to thanco’s.

The main credit goes to the CEO Mr. Raghavendra K.Thane, who has taken all the odd challenges, and his vision to provide natures gift in the form of naturals ice cream to people, has really succeeded in today’s competitive market and is the best ice cream brand.

With his business vision, today he has created good employment and entrepreneur opportunity to many youngsters and has become role model for many enthusiastic entrepreneurs. His approach towards the business has made many proprietary business to think and change the approach towards the Ice cream business.

Thanco’s Natural Ice Cream has the appreciation as the only company from Bangalore who supplied Ice Cream to the Global destination using its state of art technique. Thanco’s Natural Ice Cream has its factory in Bangalore and supply across India with specialized cold storage logistic to serve consumers. The products are so fresh that it is just manufactured to serve consumers.

As always know that the people are health conscious are also more conscious about the hygiene at store, so as the outlets are also well designed with state of art looks and maintained hygienically to feel customer more comfort and royal.

The menu is so well designed, which serves not only the scoops of naturals ice cream but also the menu extends to Sundae’s, Stone concept, Ice Cream Rolls , Milk shakes, Ice  Cream Waffles, etc.

This advanced uniqueness are nothing but, Thanco’s Naturals Ice Cream experience outlet which serves naturals ice cream in the way that a customer really wants. 

Thanco’s Natural Ice cream has been renowned in the Indian market since 2017.

Thancos Natural Ice Cream got the “BEST ICE CREAM PARLOUR OF THE YEAR” Award in Restaurant Awards 2018

And the “ICE CREAM FRANCHISOR OF THE YEAR” in Franchise India Awards 2018 in the 16th Awards for the Excellence in Franchising and Business Development.

Thanco’s Natural Ice Cream also got the “BEST CREATIVE CONCEPT OF THE YEAR 2017” award in  Restaurant Awards 2017 the

“ICE CREAM FRANCHISOR OF THE YEAR” in Franchise India Awards 2017 in the 15th Awards for the Excellence in Franchising and Business Development.

And the day to come, you will see more Thanco’s Natural Ice Cream in every niche location and dominating the major niche Ice Cream segment.