Restaurant Industry 2.0

In the last few decades restaurant owners, chefs, developers, suppliers and everyone directly and indirectly associated with the food and beverage industry have diligently worked to carve a new future for food service and associated businesses. The Food Connoisseurs conference and awards will talk and debate about the biggest development and innovation that the industry has witnessed in the last few years, especially during the pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the whole flavour and ingredients of the industry, making it the worst affected segment across the globe that came to a halt for almost six months. From restaurants closing their doors for almost six continuous months, to top Indian brands shutting their shops permanently, but some came back in action with flying colours; year 2020 gave a lot to the sector with some horrors and a few remarkable stories to be shared in the future.

In 2020, close to two million professionals faced loss of livelihood due to the pandemic but the food and beverage industry is expected to bounce back to its full glory by re-employing approximately 1 million people by 2021, going by a report by restaurant reservation platform Dineout.

In this conference we will talk about all the innovations that the industry introduced, be it food innovations where we see a paradigm shift in eating habits with everyone, especially 45% of young adults making healthier food choices, technological advancements, delivery brands winning it big and the cultural shift that the industry has gone through.

In the five beautifully designed and researched sessions we will discuss and debate the restaurants and businesses that excelled and brought their performance back on track with doing 60-80 per cent of the pre-Covid sales.