Spotlight on the success

Food Connoisseurs India Awards 2021 will be a pinnacle of achievement for the food and restaurant sector. Established in 2021, the whole idea of this award is to recognize the unbeatable players who have emerged as a winner during the tough phase of 2020.

The recognition will be based on a team of jury who will have certain parameters set for mapping the success story of a brand. It will go through a strong research of almost four-five weeks to recognize the best in the category. The winners will be finalised based on the documents submitted along with the questionnaire.

Restaurants across category in the segment, food service players, chefs, food-tech brands and service suppliers will have the opportunity to participate in the Food Connoisseurs India Awards 2021 to showcase their unique selling point and achievement, innovations of standing high in the sector. The winners will be presented with a trophy and certificate which will be delivered to their offices. Come nominate with us and be a winner!!!

Awards Objective

  1. – To celebrate the best in Indian Food Service Industry
  2. – To recognize the industry practices that carved a niche towards customer delight
  3. – To recognize the initiatives and business formats that have contributed to industry growth
  4. – To reward the innovations on retail front
  5. – To celebrate the changemakers and innovators across various segments


  1. 85 award categories mean a wide array of opportunity to nominate, and let the world know of your achievements. Did your brand outperform itself? Did you bring a revolution in the way businesses operate? Did your product fly off the shelves? Did you find newer ways to engage with the consumer during these pandemic times? Did you rope in new practices that drove up your revenues? Then, let the entire fraternity celebrate your success as you claim your trophy & certificate at the Food Connoisseurs India Awards 2021.


  1. Nomination fee of INR 5,000 + GST will be charged per category
  2. (Fee Includes One Award Nomination & 2 invitations to attend the Convention)


  1. 19th April 2021 is the last date to file your nomination in the various categories


  1. – Winning Food Connoisseurs India Award can improve brand awareness and promote your business to new customers via local or national PR.
  2. – A successful entry celebrates the hard work and achievements of you and your colleagues.
  3. – Entering enables you to benefit from the partner network of the awards which will be utilized to promote all the winners.
  4. – A win acts as a 3rd party endorsement for your business, thus becoming a really positive way of differentiating yourself from your competitors
  5. – The trust and credibility that comes with awards recognition can play a key part in a potential new customer’s decision to choose you.
  6. – The winners will be presented with a trophy and certificate which will be delivered to their offices.