Nikhil Chawla

  1. Founder
  1. Hmm

You need to be a foodie, to understand the language of different cuisines. That’s what Nikhil Chawla is. More than a YouTube video-blogger, he is a food fanatic, which connects him instantly with his audiences. He is also, the first video-food blogger of India, in which he takes enormous pride. HMM (his food blog) was started as a Facebook Page way back in 2013 when facebook timeline was also evolving and used a different algorithm altogether to curate relevant content for its users.

Nikhil likes to travel and explore different local cuisines from different parts of India. He is a firm believer that Indian street food is the best street delicacies anyone will relish. Hmm is a platform which has helped lot of street vendors in getting visibility which ended up in turning customers for them.

Nikhil also loves to interact and meet his followers and arrange meet-ups in various cities. These meet-ups help him in understanding the local food of the particular place more and motivates him to shoot more interesting videos.