Gaurav Wasan

  1. Founder
    1. Swad Official

The latest Internet sensation for helping many street food vendors earn their daily bread, Gaurav Wasan has travelled the length and breadth of India in search of the best street food. He always focused on highlighting real street food and the stories behind it and started blogging on Facebook way back in 2012 when there were only a few people who were bringing the real street food and stories to the people of India.

Food being his passion has always pushed him ahead to find new street food vendors every day and he has always tried taking their food across to the world. He also began posting pictures of food on Instagram back in 2014 and in 2017 came up with his own YouTube channel Swad Official where he started highlighting them even more.

Swad itself is his passion project the goal of swad is to highlight the plight of the street food vendors who though have quality food but don’t have the marketing skill sets or reach to make it to the rest of the world. The conceptualization of swad was therefore to bring these street food vendors to the masses. food has always been his passion and he has not thought of anything but how to take this passion to another level.