Anubhav Sapra

  1. Founder & Foodie-in-Chief
  1. Delhi Food Walks

Anubhav Sapra is an ardent foodie and a culinary commentator who is on a quest to connect people with food – food that adorns the streets and lanes of a city, flavors that define its soul, food that satiates the masses, food that delights the enthusiasts and food that provides a window to the culture.

After completing his Masters in Political Science from Delhi University followed by a Post-graduate Diploma in Sustainable Rural Development from NIRD, he joined a reputed NGO as a human resource associate and volunteer program coordinator. During these periods of his academic and professional pursuits, he ambled down the streets of Delhi in search of tasty yet affordable food. All those explorations led to the discoveries of street food gems both legendary and not so famous. Eventually, Anubhav got attracted to the enthralling world of street food and delved deeper into its gustatory and socio-cultural aspects. After a thorough recce of the eating scene across the streets of Delhi, he decided to turn his passion into a profession and thus was born Delhi’s pioneer food tour company called Delhi Food Walks.

For the past 10 years, he has been acquainting discerning visitors and travelers with the popular flavours and the stories behind them. Today, Anubhav is not just a favorite among the street food fraternity in Delhi but also among the travelers who come to discover the city. He, with his handpicked team of food explorers, has changed the general perception about Delhi’s street food scenario, especially among western travelers. A walk with DFW is much more than just a gustatory tour— it is a rendezvous with Delhi’s complex culinary heritage.

In addition to the curated food walks he and his content team operate a media ecosystem- blog, social media platforms, YouTube channel-that has evolved into one of the most reliable and independent sources of information regarding any city’s street foodscape.

Currently, Anubhav is ready with his new enterprise named “Indian Culinary Tours” that gels together his expertise on regional food and his passion to travel and explore. This one-of-its-kind initiative will take you on long and immersive culinary experiences spanning across the major food destinations in India. From popular local street foods to handpicked fine dining experiences, from home-cooked meals to farm visits, etc., the experiences are going to be wide and varied.

Two of his new initiatives are ‘DFW Explore’ and ‘Indian Culinary Culture’.